Without the sun there is no mountain

Action-Projection, La Vulcanizadora Collective, Colombia,2021. NO HAY MONTE SIN SOL

So it begins:

in a box there is a digital camera, a super 8mm, a audio recorder and a letter. This box traveled during the last year by mail to different parts of colombia, where were the artists that are part of this meeting.

This practice of collective creation relied on filmic correspondences around narratives about memory and territory. from this film interpellation, as an exchange of letters, it was searched and explored possible connections in the expressive composition of the heterogeneous reality of each artist.

Super 8mm projection, live music and performance reading. Cinemateca Distrital

Awarded project, "Programming Grant of Plastic Arts Santa Fe Gallery Network" and the "Activation Call, Collaborative Networks and Territories for the Arts", from the District Program of IDARTES 2020.